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Kongeflagget [ca.1606 ]

Orlogsskip (Christian IV)

“The Dannebrog in one form or another was without doubt Denmark-Norway’s main symbol, and in surveys on the history of flags, it is described as the only one. It is therefore quite surprising to see a copperplate depicting in all probability the ship of Christians IV, the ‘Tre-kroner’ on an official trip to England in 1606, without one single Dannebrog. (…) At the top of the main mast, above all the other flags on the ship, flies a banner with Denmark’s coat of arms and crown. Along the middle of the flag is a wide, horizontal stripe, while the upper and lower edges have zigzag borders.” 1

* Diricks van Campen, J. ca.1616. Foto, se: SMK Open. KKSgb7637.

  1. Munksgaard, J.H. «National Danish–Norwegian Flags 1600–1800» Fahnen Flags Drapeaux. s139. ICV, Zurich, 1993.

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