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Stripede flagg [1600-tallet]

Nasjonalsymboler: Danmark-Norge

“On a painting from 1660*(…) we see in the background several ships flying red and white horizontally striped flags (…) Obviously these 17th century flags with horizontal red and white stripes have to a certain degree been used as national symbols, alone or in addition to the Dannebrog. (…) both the two Nordic great powers used flags with horizontal stripes to indicate nationality. The number of stripes has evidently been of secondary importance on Danish ships, the main thing being to show the red and white colours.” 1

* Heimbach, W. «Arvehyldningen 1660» Oldenburg, 1666.Rosenborg, København.

  1. Munksgaard, J.H. «National Danish–Norwegian Flags 1600–1800» Fahnen Flags Drapeaux. s139. ICV, Zurich, 1993.

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