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Heraldisk flagg [1644]

Norsk løveflagg /

“[This] lion flag* is particularly inte­resting because in certain connections it is characteri­sed as a national Norwegian flag. Here we have more reason to believe that it represents Norway as one of the king’s domains (…)”1

* Velde IV, J. van de. «Femern 1644» 1644 . Foto: [cc by-sa] Nordstrand, C. Sjöhistoriska museet O.08132. Stockholm, 2014

  1. Munksgaard, J.H. «National Danish–Norwegian Flags 1600–1800» Fahnen Flags Drapeaux. s140. ICV, Zurich, 1993.

Egen tolkning: antipodes café, 2021 (CC0)

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Sierksma, K. «Flags of the world» a 17th century manuscript / with commentary and historical annotations.s.282-f. France, 1669-1670. (Public Domain) Foto: “Vlag van Noorwegen.” © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, NG-2018-301-50
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